Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Live Good?

Live Good is an online company that sells health products. This company has an amazing compensation plan.
Once you signup with ResidualCycler you can click on the downline builder and signup with Live Good Under your sponsor for free to check it out.

What happens if I am already a Live Good Affiliate and want to use Residual Cycler Platform?
You are welcome to use it, but you will only be able to PIF members into Residual Cycler
with your Purchase wallet vs upgrading into Live Good.
It is not mandatory to upgrade if you are already a Live Good.
You can simply update your username and
promote the opportunity. 


How much does it cost to join Residual Cycler?

You may join for free. If you wish to upgrade it will cost you $7 plus the deposit fee.

What is the deposit fee?

We will watch the fees, but will start out with a 5% deposit Fee.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Crypto: BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT TRC20 all payments
are automatically converted to USDT TRC20 for withdrawals.

What payment method can I receive my witdrawals?

You can withdraw to any USDT TRC20 address/walet. Our processor converts
all deposits to USDT TRC20 before sending them to us. Each withdrawal will
have a fee assesed before sending because it cost TRX gas fee to send USDT TRC20.


What coin can we receive commissions?

You can receive commissions in USDT TRC20.

How will you upgrade my account?

When you cycle you will send us your username and login of the account you 
created in Live Good and we will login and upgrade your account with them.
You can then change your password within Live Good.


How do the wallets work in Residual Cycler?

You have 2 wallets at Residual Cycler. When you deposit funds, they go into
a "Purchase Wallet". These funds can only be used to purchase a position and PIF
referrals into the 3x3.  When you earn commissions, they will go into your "Cash Wallet".
These funds can be withdrawn and also be use to PIF new members into the 3x3.


Is there a repurchase rule?

Yes, 50 % of all commission are sent to the purchase wallet to PIF new referrals into the 3x3 as well
as pay your way into Live Good if you are not already in the program.


What are the PIF options?

We have a Personal Pay it forward system and a Global Pay it forward system. 
The personal PIF is just for your personal referrals. The Global is a pool of people who have been free
for at least 3 days in the Resdual Cyclers system. If you do not want to lose your referrrals to the Global
PIF pool, please urge them to upgrade or PIF them before 3 days.


Why do you call it home of the $100 cycles?

You can earn $100.50 on each cycle, but 50% is put into repurchase to help our system grow.
Please note, you earn additional fast start bonuses for members who follow you into Live Good